League Standings

Please Excuse the mess we are currently updating our standings system.

League standings will be up and running this week!

League standings may be delayed up to 3 days for our office to process scores.


1:30pm Family Twosome Adult/Child 2
5:30pm Super Bowling Family Adult/Child Any
6:00pm Sunday Mixed Handicap 4
7:30pm Sunday Couples Handicap 2

9:30am Monday Mixed Go-Getters Handicap 3
Noon Monday Seniors Handicap 4
6:30pm Monday Family 2Some Adult/Youth 2
6:30pm Monday Mixers Handicap 5
6:30pm May’s Pro Shop Scratch 5
6:30pm Ladies Classic Scratch 4
9:00pm Mixed Classic Scratch 3

9:30am Tuesday Ladies Handicap 4
6:30pm Tuesday Mixed Handicap 5
6:30pm Men’s Social Handicap 4
9:00pm Tuesday Mixers Handicap 4

9:30am Wednesday Ladies Handicap 4
Noon Senior Stars Handicap 4
Noon Ladies Seniors Handicap 4
6:30pm Pepsi Men’s Majors Scratch 5
6:30pm Wednesday Classic Scratch 5
6:30pm Wednesday Mixed Handicap 5
9:00pm Wednesday Mixed Handicap 4
9:30pm Restaurant Wars Handicap 4

9:30am Mixed League Handicap 2
Noon Thursday Seniors Mixed 4
6:30pm Men’s Social Handicap 5
6:30pm Thursday Mixed Handicap 5
9:00pm Thursday Mixed and Men’s Handicap 4
9:00pm Bud Light Classic Scratch 4

9:30am Friday Mixed Handicap 2
Noon Mixed Seniors Handicap 4
6:30pm Friday Mixed Handicap 5
6:30pm Men’s House Scratch 5
9:00pm Friday Mixed Handicap 4

8:30am Junior League – (Bumper Blast off also available ages 3-6) Handicap 4
11am Junior League - (Bumper Blast off also available ages 3-6) Handicap 4
1:30pm Super Bowling Family Handicap Any
6:30pm Saturday Mixed Handicap 4